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Jacqueline Kent is… a writer of non-fiction and biography, fiction, general articles and literary journalism. Her working background includes radio interviewing, print journalism, radio and TV scriptwriting, editing books, ghostwriting, teaching editing and creative writing, and arts administration.
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Heartbreak High

Based on the ABC’s successful TV series ‘Heartbreak High produced by Gannon Television. Starring Lara Cox, Callan Mulvey, Rel Hunt, Ada Nicodemou, Nina Liu, Nathalie Roy, Fleur Beaupert, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Putuy Winchester-Stanton, Rebecca Smart, Sebastian Goldspink, Rupert Reid, Deni Gordon, Tina Bursill, Peter Sumner, Andrea Moor, Frederick Miragliotta.

Heartbreak HighEverything’s happening at Hartley High! There’s a tough new acting principal … an unusual new student who likes causing trouble … and most surprisingly of all, Anita actually begins to like Drazic. An she really be falling in love with such a loser? And what will her friends say when they find out?

Love/Hate is the first book in this series When Drazic dares Anita to join him in breaking the law, he’s just asking for trouble and he gets it – heaps of it! Nothing seems to be going right between the two of them … And when Anita is left in a coma after a terrible car accident, Drazic is devastated. Is it too late to tell her how he truly feels?

Making Up, Breaking Up is the second book in this series Hartley High has been closed down – and Ryan and his Year Twelve schoolmates are transferred to a new school. From the very first day when he’s called a reject, things start going wrong for Ryan – and get worse and worse! The only good thing in his life is that Mai really seems to like him, but is she just leading him on?

Tough Call is the third book in this series Sarah wants to be like the other girls at Hartley High, but her bossy mother keeps treating her like a little kid. The only person who seems to understand what Sarah is going through is Kurt – who is also having parent problems. Will Sarah ever find the courage to stand up to her mother and start leading her own life – and what is the mystery about her missing father?
Secrets and Lies is the fourth book in this series